Live Arrive

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The livestock transportation industry needed a way to provide and document intelligent, real-time data to inspection agencies, drivers, and clients to make sure the livestock remained comfortable throughout their transport. A system was necessary that could:

  • Withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Withstand increased vibrations
  • Allow the transport drivers to access a control panel to make adjustments.
  • Allow back-office personnel to track the livestock and alert the drivers of any changes in the wellness variables


GES developed a three-part solution for livestock logistics. First, a customized control panel was engineered and installed on the side of the trailers for operating fans, vents, lights, and disinfectants. Second, GES in-house software developers created an iPad application that allows the Driver to review data and adjust controls from a user-friendly interface. Third, GES created a back-office dashboard application for tracking all trailers in the field along with alerts that occur on each trailer.


The implementation of the LiveArrive system allowed Livestock companies to assure the safety of the animals during transport. Live Arrive protects the investments of both the buyer and seller. The data provided to the driver and administrators has become an invaluable component to the accountability of all parties involved in the process. This solution has begun to shape the livestock transportation industry for the humane transport of animals.

Live Arrive has helped us gain new customers and reassure existing ones with the ability to show exactly what goes on inside our trailers, putting their minds at ease and hold us accountable.

– Poultry Logistics Company (66 Trailer Fleet Operation)