Technologies for Every Project

Food & Beverage

Capitalize on operational lifecycles with improved efficiencies, increased profitability and maximum returns. GES drives value to the food and beverage industry through smarter manufacturing using modern day technologies and analytics.  

Life Sciences

Improve processes with an automation and information system that allows for quality control, product safety, efficiency and profitability for pharma and medical device manufacturing. 

Metals Processing

Be ready to respond to issues that need your attention with real-time information and insights.  GES uses advanced technology for metals processing implementations to ensure safety, manage costs and maximize uptime throughout the operations life cycle.

Water / Waste Water

Optimize performance with efficient engineering, productivity, and compliance monitoring system. GES enables the water authority industry to address engineering and efficiency challenges through the design and build of scalable, reliable control systems that maximize production while meeting regulatory compliance.

Transportation & Logistics

GES serves the transportation and logistics industry by integrating control parameters and control systems. These systems help monitor and track cargo data and analytics in real time to protect your investment and maintain compliance while in transit.


Meet even the most demanding challenges of global competition. Improve product quality and productivity with a real-time complete plant-wide control solution for manufacturing. Our end-to-end solutions help maintain regulatory compliance and maximize your production and quality.

Power Generation

Improve operational efficiencies and mitigate potential risks with a complete plant-wide control solution for power generation and utilities industry. Our extensive experience will help you maintain regulatory compliance and maximize your production and quality. 

Government / Defense

Protect what matters most. GES implements control solutions  and networking IT to mitigate potential risks at high-security locations.  Our solutions are designed with global security standards to help monitor, detect and recover from threats.